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Taquita Love 

Comedian, nurse, actress, and host with a podcast called Love Notes by Taquita Love and webseries called Nursing Notes. Her comedy tours are a hit nationwide and she's also a public speaker. Get ready to laugh with Taquita's hilarious content that's sure to  leave you in stitches.

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Hilarious and Bold

Laughter Is Medicine

Taquita Love embodies the essence of versatility, excelling as a nurse, host, comedian, and actress. She has shared the stage with comedy giants such as Dave Chapelle, David A. Arnold, and Kym Whitley. She was named a Finalist in the prestigious 2019 Pan African Film Festival. Her dedication to her craft and the messages she conveys through her work have garnered well-deserved attention and admiration. Her hit web series "Nursing Notes" gained traction during the 2020 pandemic and solidified her as a fan favorite. As a quadruple threat, Taquita Love is a rare gem in the entertainment world. With her boundless talent, infectious energy, and dedication to her patients and audience, she continues to make a lasting impact. 


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Love Notes Podcast

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Join Taquita as she dives into the hilarious world of medical mishaps and wild stories with her comedian friends. Each episode is a mix of laughs and insights as Taquita and her guests share their experiences with healthcare and medicine. Love Notes by Taquita Love Podcast covers everything from  wild ER stories to embarrassing check-ups. As a trained nurse and experienced comedian, Taquita brings a unique perspective to the world of healthcare. Her witty commentary and infectious personality make for a fun and engaging listen, while her guests offer hilarious takes on the subject matter. Whether you're a medical professional looking for a laugh or just someone who appreciates a good story,  Love Notes by Taquita Love Podcast has something for everyone. So tune in and get ready to laugh, cringe, and learn something new about the wild world of medicine.

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Key Note Speaker

Imagine a world where individuals possess the tools to take charge of their health, preventive measures triumph over treatment, and every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to quality healthcare. Taquita's hilarious delivery about wellness sparks conversations we should all have with our family and friends. 

Topics include:

  • Diversity Inclusion and Equality in Healthcare and Why Representation Matters

  • Promoting Preventive Medicine

  • Compassion: The Backbone of Patient Care

  • Technological Advancements: Pioneering a New Era

  • The Responsibility of First Responders

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  • Youtube

Follow quick-witted Nurse Love as she navigates the ups and downs of life on the job in the most hilarious way possible. the Nursing Note. From chaotic ERs to goofy patients and everything in between, our heroine leaves no stone unturned as she takes us on a wild ride through the typical day in the life of a nurse. Using her trusty computer to record all the funny happenings along the way, 

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